In order to better understand your project and needs, we like to have each potential or existing client complete this questionnaire. This helps to get everyone on the same page from the beginning and keep us on the same page during the course of the campaign. We appreciate your time in helping us get to know you and your project better.

    Company Contact Information

    Official company name

    Company full address

    Main contact name and title



    Current Website Address (if applicable)

    Your Message

    1. What is the primary message you wish to convey to your audience about your company or your product?

    2. Please list any secondary objectives:

    3. What are your overall goals for your company?

    4. What are the key reasons why customers should choose your company?

    Target Audience

    1. Who is your target audience? Is it different from your current customer profile? (Please describe in detail)

    2. What are the three most important things you want to convey to your audience? Do you think that these are their three greatest needs from your company?

    3. How aware is your target market of your company (if applicable)?


    1. Briefly, what are your short-term marketing goals (in the next 1-2 years)?

    2. How do you anticipate reaching those goals? (Traditional means? Grassroots marketing? Word of Mouth?)

    3. Do you have an existing or planned marketing strategy in mind? If so, please describe.

    4. Will you need a website? If so, do you have a designer already in mind or will you use ours?

    Perception and Design

    1. Use three adjectives to describe how the user should perceive your company/product with our campaign. (examples: conservative, progressive, friendly, formal, casual, serious, energetic, humorous, professional …)

    2. Is this different than current image perception (if applicable)?

    3. Do you prefer traditional methods of marketing (articles, news, press releases, etc) or viral marketing (Internet, websites, blogs, etc) or a mixture of both?

    4. List any web sites you like. What do you like about them?

    5. List web sites of competitors and briefly describe what you like and dislike about them.

    Additional Needs

    1. Will you need identity/logo design?

    2. Will you need complimentary materials designed such as brochures, business cards, flyers, catalogues? If so, will you also need these materials printed, and what volume/quantity do you anticipate is needed?


    1. What is your target launch date? What are the factors surrounding this deadline?

    2. What are your budget limitations? Can this project be broken into phases to help you meet your goals?

    Additional Comments/Notes