Randal Boutilier

(Principal, Creative Director)

  • Client negotiations and communications
  • Development of initial creative concepts
  • Oversight on all projects, time line development
  • Graphic design in print and electronic media
  • Coordination of duties with service providers

Shelley Williams

(Designer, Screen Media)

  • Web and electronic communication design
  • Client tutoring on web services (e.g. WordPress)
  • Web maintenance and diagnostics
  • Project management and assistive content development
  • General social media planning and research

Vichai Thienapirak

(Designer, Print Media)

  • Creative development
  • Illustration development
  • Print design production
  • Project research

Corey Nokham

(Designer, Print & Screen Media)

  • Print design production
  • Original photography and photo touch-up/manipulation
  • Web design production
  • Client tutoring on web services (e.g. WordPress)
  • Video editing and production